History of The Bradley Beach First Aid Squad

The first aid and ambulance corps of the Bradley beach fire department Incorporated was formed on June 7, 1933 to aid firefighters injured in the line of duty. It soon expanded to aid the whole community the squad responded to the Morrow Castle ship fire in Asbury Park the squad still has the wire basket recovered from the stern of the Morrow Castle ( now on display at the New Jersey Maritime Museum). They also responded to the Hindenburg explosion in Lakehurst for which they received a letter of thank you from the German Zeppelin Company of Frankfurt Germany, they responded to the Blue Comet wreck in Chatsworth the squad also responded to the Hercules powder plant explosion, the ammunition ship USS. Solar explosion at Earle Naval weapons station, the Woodbridge train wreck, the Allair train wreck, the forest fires in Lakewood and the Wrold Trade Center on 9/11 for which they received a Service Commendation from the City Of New York. 
The squad would also stand by at Wall Stadium for Saturday night car races (the squad has again been asked to do this for the 2013 racing season).

On March 25, 1948 the squad separated from the fire department and became the Bradley Beach First Aid Squad Incorporated with their own building at 725 Main St. from where the dedicated volunteers still answer calls to this day. They also respond to mutual aid calls for Ocean Grove, Neptune Township, Avon by the Sea and Neptune city the squad responds to water rescue calls with the answers team. This team is comprised of local first aid squads that can be called out the minute any municipality has people in distress in the water. The dedicated members of the Bradley beach first aid squad have been delivering quality emergency medical care to the citizens a Bradley beach and its visitors for over 80 years.

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